Maclean Letterbox Flap with Brush - White - Keeps drafts out - Easy to install


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A letterbox flap, also called a letterbox plate or letter plate, is mounted on your exterior door. In addition to just installing a flap, you can also choose to add extra draft proofing. Such a letterbox brush is easy to mount on the inside of the door so that as little heat as possible is lost. To ensure that the mail does not fall to the ground and therefore become wet or dirty, it is also possible to install a mail bag or mail catcher.

The Maclean letterbox brush goes further than reducing heat loss. It stops the cold air from entering your hallway, increasing your comfort level. The bristles form an insulating barrier, and the cleverly designed brim adds an extra layer of protection to keep the heat where it belongs - in your home.

But that is not everything. The thoughtful design also keeps out dust, moisture and noise, contributing to the overall health and quiet of your home. Also important is the fact that despite these versatile functions, the brush does not wrinkle the post and is safe for fingers.

  • Composition: ABS
  • Colour White
  • Length: 34.3cm

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