Clever Cookware Set - Rose Gold Line - 6-piece - 20, 24 & 28cm - Rose Gold


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The Cchefer Home brand makes high-quality pans with a glass lid. This 3-piece frying pan set consists of three large pans with three different diameters that are suitable for different purposes.

The Rose Gold Line pan set consists of pans with the following diameters: 20, 24 and 28 centimeters. Thanks to the marble layer of this pan set, the food does not stick and these pans are easy to clean. The pans have a round shape with a high edge in a beautiful black color.

The handles of the pans are made of aluminum. The stylish glass lid keeps the juice in the pan, allowing you to enjoy delicious roasting. The pans are suitable for all types of heat sources, including induction.


  • 3 piece frying pan set
  • Does not contain PFOA
  • With glass lid
  • Cast aluminum pans
  • Aluminum handles
  • 1x frying pan 20 by 10 centimeters
  • 1x frying pan 24 by 11 centimeters
  • 1x frying pan 28 by 12 centimeters
  • Easy to clean with a soft sponge

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