Clever Cooking Utensils Set 10-piece with Holder - Kitchen Utensil Set - Whisk - Spatula Silicone


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Do you ever search all the cupboards and drawers for the right spatula or soup spoon? That can be much easier. Discover what carefree cooking is with the 10-piece kitchen utensil set including cooking aid. Everything is within reach in the handy holder and you can cook your favorite dishes stress-free. The modern designed set is made of high-quality silicone and wood and BPA-free.

✔️ Scratch-free and non-stick friendly
✔️Luxurious and stylish
✔️ Includes holder

Ultimate cooking comfort
The cookware set is no less than 10 pieces. The holder keeps all necessary instruments within reach at all times. Never miss anything while cooking again. Cooking has never been easier.

High quality material
All parts are made entirely of high-quality silicone and bamboo that can withstand high cooking temperatures. The ends have an opening through which the instruments can be hung. The silicone ends offer your pans scratch protection and do not melt. The silicone material is slightly flexible and moves comfortably with your cooking movements. An ideal set for every cooking job!

To clean
The wooden cooking instruments are best washed by hand to keep the wood beautiful. The instruments without wood can easily be washed in the dishwasher.

✔ Color: black
✔ Number of pieces: 10
✔ Material: Bamboo, Silicone

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