Kruzzel Gel Blaster - Toy Gun with Gel Balls - Rechargeable


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SHOTS IN A BURST OR INDIVIDUAL BALLS - when the trigger is pressed, the gun fires in a burst. You can also shoot single BBs, just press the trigger one by one.

MAGAZINE – the gun is equipped with a transparent BB magazine, thanks to this option you can quickly check how much ammunition you have left. An additional advantage is that the magazine can hold up to 600 BBs.

FOR GEL BALLS AND STYROFOAM ARROWS - the set contains water (gel) balls for self-preparation. Just pour them into a container, pour water, leave for 3 hours and the balls are ready to use. Range about 15 meters. You can also shoot with the included foam darts.

ELECTRIC – 500 mAh rechargeable battery. We can charge it via any USB charger or laptop port using the included cable.


material: plastic
battery: 500mAh
drive: automatic
power supply: rechargeable
patterns: gel beads + foam darts
ball diameter: from 7 to 8 mm
range: up to about 15 m
black color
magazine capacity: 600 BBs
number of balls for self-preparation: 6000 pcs.
number of arrows: 5 pcs.
age: 14+
dimensions: 40 x 26.5 x 4 cm
weight: 381g
weight in the package: 578 g


gel balls 6000 pcs.
soft arrows: 5 pcs
Magazine holder
removable silencer
charging cable

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