Nordlinger door renovation set - gray oak - 4 panels 85x50 cm - 3 black profiles 85x2 cm


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An easy-to-install package for renovating interior doors. This set is for the renovation of one side of the door. The included strips are made of wood veneer for a high-quality and modern look. Estimated time of installation: 1h30.

Package composition:

• 4 strips of oak decorative veneer 85 cm x 50 cm
• 3 black aluminum profiles of 85 cm x 2 cm
• 1 assembly instruction


• Loosen the door and place it on two trestles.
• Remove the door handle.
• Sand the door with 40 or 80 grit and clean the door thoroughly.
• Place the 4 strips of wood veneer with a space of 1.5 cm between them.
• Cut out the veneer around the door handle.
• Use a high temperature iron to bond the strips.
• Cut away excess wood veneer with an edge plane.
• Cut the black aluminum profiles with a hacksaw.
• Glue the black aluminum profiles with silicone or PU sealant.
• Leave the door horizontal for 24 hours so that the glue can dry properly.

Tip for gluing : Use an iron at maximum power to glue the wood veneer. Our wood veneer has a special glue on the back that liquefies due to the heat and sticks permanently. Proceed very slowly, area by area, paying special attention to the edges. The time required is 20 minutes per strip. Starting at one edge, move the iron in a straight motion across the wood veneer to release the air a little at a time and prevent air bubbles. Make sure you do not make circular movements when ironing.

Advice on varnish : if you wish to varnish the door, let the veneer rest for 24 hours after gluing so that the glue dries and adheres perfectly to the door. Varnish the veneer with a thin layer. Leave the door flat for 12 hours before hanging it back up.

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