Fugurato Expoxy-look Tray Marble - 36cm - Green / Black / Silver - Serving dish


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The tray has a unique epoxy look, made of plastic, the tray is easy to use.

The diameter of the tray is 36 centimeters. The tray also has two handles, which ensures that you can easily pick it up from any surface; whether you are sitting on the bed, on the couch or outside at the picnic table.

  • Diameter: 36 cm
  • Height: 4 cm
  • Scratch resistant
  • High quality

An epoxy-look tray is more than just a functional item, it is a true work of art. With its glossy finish and unique patterns, it brings an element of luxury to any interior.

An epoxy-look tray can be a real eye-catcher in your home. The glittering finish, combined with the ability to create various colors and patterns, makes each piece unique. Whether used to serve drinks, as a decorative element or as a functional table filler, an epoxy-look tray enriches the aesthetics of any room.

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