Clever Buffet warmer - Warming plate - Chafing Dish - Bain-marie - Food warmer - 3x2.4L - Stainless Steel


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Are you looking for a way to keep your food warm during a party or dinner? Then the Clevinger Buffet Warmer is the solution for you. With its stainless steel design and 3x2.4L capacity, this warming plate is perfect for serving and keeping various dishes warm. With this warming plate you never have to worry about cold food again.

Simple and efficient

The Chendel Buffet Warmer is a simple and efficient way to keep your food warm during parties and dinners. With a capacity of 3x2.4L you have enough space for various dishes. This way you can spoil your guests with warm, tasty meals.

Durable stainless steel

This buffet warmer is made of stainless steel, making it durable and sturdy. The material is resistant to stains and rust, so you can enjoy it for a long time. In addition, the stainless steel finish looks stylish and modern, making the buffet warmer a nice addition to your table.

Easy to use

With the Buffet Warmer, holding a buffet is a piece of cake. You can easily adjust the temperature with the adjustable thermostat. The handles on the sides ensure that you can easily move the buffet warmer. This way you can even add or replace dishes during the buffet.

Benefits of the Buffet Warmer

- With this buffet warmer you always have hot food within reach!

- The buffet warmer has no fewer than 3x2.4L containers, so enough space for all your dishes.

- The stainless steel design ensures that the buffet warmer also looks stylish.

- No more hassle with overheated pans, because the warming plate ensures that your food stays at the right temperature.

- Ideal for parties or buffets, with this buffet warmer you can always provide your guests with hot food.

- The buffet warmer is easy to clean, so no hassle with stubborn stains.

- Thanks to the handy lid, your food not only stays warm, but also protected against dirt and contamination.

- With this buffet warmer you never have to serve lukewarm dishes again, your food always stays nice and warm!

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