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The Clever frying pan makes you invincible in the kitchen! This frying pan has an extra strong honeycomb design, or Hexagon. The stainless steel pan is made of high-quality and durable material that results in years of cooking pleasure.

Why are these pans so extremely popular?

  • Spectacular and healthy non-stick coating
  • Due to optimal choice of materials, 30% more energy efficient than other cooking pans.
  • Suitable for all heat sources, including induction

Due to its unique Honey Grade non-stick coating, it is no problem at all to stir the pan with metal cooking utensils. This smart technology prevents scratches in the pan.

Thanks to the honeycomb pattern in the pan, an unprecedented structure of peaks and valleys is created on the surface of the pan. The valleys provide a non-stick function and the peaks are made of stainless steel. The stainless steel peaks provide extra strength and also ensure perfect roasting of your meat.

It is clear that there is craftsmanship: the pans are produced from 3 high-quality layers. This is also called Tri-ply or 3-ply.

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