Maclean Skirting shears - Cuts angles from 45° to 135° - Skirting cutters - Miter shears - Skirting cutters - Laminate tools


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Have you always had trouble cutting skirting boards to size in those annoying miter boxes? That is past tense! The MONOO skirting scissors for adhesive skirting boards are specially made for cutting skirting boards and profiles to size. You can have the custom-made skirting boards installed in the relevant room with the greatest of ease in no time.

  • Sharply sharpened knife
  • With opening spring and lock
  • Soft handles for comfort and this prevents pain in the hands

In addition to laminate adhesive skirting, these cutting scissors can also be used for the following materials.

  • Skirting boards
  • Soft wood
  • Rubber
  • Plastic
  • Ribbon cables

These miter shears allow cuts from 45° to 135°. Always tailor-made and neatly finished! The soft-grip handles provide you with optimal comfort.

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