Anti-slip For Under Rug - 200x300 cm - Anti-slip carpet - Underlay - Under rug - Anti-slip under rugs - Floor covering


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Prevent your carpet from sliding with the anti-slip underlay from MONOO. If you place a rug on a smooth surface, such as laminate, your rug can slide. It is then very important to place a non-slip mat or undermat under your carpet, so that you do not slip. This makes your carpet safer, more comfortable and easier to vacuum.

✔ Dimensions: 200x300 cm
✔ Extra resilience and optimal anti-slip effect
✔ Prevents sliding, shifting and folding of carpets
✔ Vacuuming no longer impossible (carpet stays neatly in place)
✔ Increases walking comfort and gives a feeling of luxury
✔ Provides optimal protection and extends the life of the rug
✔ Reduces wrinkles and wear
✔ Imperfections are leveled out
✔ Easy to cut or cut to size
✔ Suitable for hard, smooth and soft floors such as wood, laminate, carpet, linoleum, ceramic, parquet, tiles, marble, stone, tiles, PVC, vinyl etc.
✔ Also suitable for hot water and (electric) underfloor heating
✔ Damping effect and therefore a softer rug
✔ Environmentally friendly
✔ Also suitable as anti-slip in the trunk of your car, in drawers, under cupboards, under the washing machine, etc.
✖️ Not suitable for carpeting or cast floors

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