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Enjoy Easy, Odor-Free Roasting with the Chendel Double Grill Pan

Looking for an effortless way to prepare delicious dishes without the hassle in the kitchen? Discover our versatile double grill pan - your ultimate companion for healthy and tasty meals. Whether you're roasting, grilling or preparing festive dishes, we offer a no-fuss solution, without the need for a spatula or spatula!

Diet food: Healthy roasting without fat

Thanks to the advanced non-stick coating of our pans, you can enjoy fat-free frying. Even when frying with oil, our pan minimizes splashes thanks to the included seal, keeping your kitchen clean and odor-free. This makes our pans ideal for diet-conscious chefs looking for healthier cooking methods.

Why Choose Our Pans?

  • Non-stick coating : Our pans have a high-quality non-stick coating, which ensures that food does not stick and cleaning is a piece of cake.
  • Easy to Clean : Dishwasher safe ensures hassle-free maintenance, giving you more time to enjoy your dishes.
  • Excellent Heat Distribution : Thanks to our aluminum material, you can enjoy evenly cooked food without hot spots.
  • Ergonomically Designed Handle : Our pans are designed with your comfort in mind, with ergonomically shaped handles for a firm grip while cooking.
  • Environmentally friendly : Our pans are made with environmentally friendly materials, so you can cook with peace of mind.


  • Material : Aluminum
  • Diameter : 32 cm
  • No Grease Splatters : Our pans minimize grease splatters, keeping your cooking experience clean and safe.
  • Less Smoke and Odor : Enjoy an odor-free cooking experience even when grilling and roasting over high heat.
  • Hassle-Free Cleaning : Dishwasher safe makes cleaning quick and easy.
  • Comfortable Cooking : Our pans are designed for comfortable use, with a heat-resistant marble coating and a silicone seal on both sides.
  • Soft Handle with Magnetic Closing Mechanism : Our pans feature a soft handle with a magnetic closing mechanism for extra safety and convenience.

Please note : Our pans are not suitable for use on induction hobs.

Choose convenience, health and quality in your kitchen with our double grill pan. Experience the pleasure of simple, odor-free frying and enjoy delicious meals with minimal effort. Upgrade your cooking experience today!

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