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Cchefer Wok pan with removable handle: a flexible wok pan that is suitable for all heat sources, even induction. The wok is equipped with a removable handle, allowing you to switch effortlessly between cooking and serving. This makes it perfect for preparing tasty stir-fry dishes and serving them stylishly. This strong coating makes it possible to prepare food with non-sharp metal objects, such as a whisk. The Cchefer wok pan features a durable and sturdy aluminum body, which ensures even heat distribution and consistent cooking results.

Cook quickly and evenly
Thanks to the unique shape of a wok pan, with its high side walls and wide bottom, the heat is evenly distributed. This ensures fast and even cooking results, cooking food quickly while retaining its taste, texture and nutritional value.

Handy detachable handle
The Cchefer wok pan is equipped with a handy removable handle, which makes cooking and serving a lot easier. Safe handling ensures safer use when moving the pan. The long handle reduces the risk of burns and accidents. Thanks to its lower weight, this wok is easier to handle. You can prepare tasty vegetable, fish or meat dishes in just a few minutes.

Finish cooking quickly
A final reason to choose a wok pan from Chendel is because you can put your dish on the table within a few minutes. The round bottom makes an important contribution to this. Because the heat is spread evenly over the pan, the contents of the pan are heated properly and quickly. This means you can put a meal on the table with lots of taste and vitamins in no time.


  • Brand: Cchefer
  • Colour black
  • Does not contain PFOA
  • With marble coating
  • Cast aluminum pans
  • Removable Handle

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