MacLean Insulating Window Foil 250x150cm - Velcro Closure - Insulating Foil Against Cold and Draft


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Are your windows not well insulated or are your grilles drafty while they are closed? Then go for this insulating window film! The transparent insulation foil is attached with a Velcro closure, so you can simply remove it when you want to open the window. A super handy solution to keep your heating costs low.

Window insulation steps

1. Measure whether the plastic really fits
2. Clean the frame for better adhesion
3. Cut the Velcro to the correct length
4. Stick the hook side to the frame
5. Place the other side of the Velcro against it
6. Remove the plastic strip
7. Stick the plastic wrap on it
8. Cut off any remaining foil

• 1x insulation foil (250cm x 150cm)
• 2x Velcro roll
• Velcro color: white
• Color foil: transparent

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