Meiboom Citrus Cleaner - Adhesive remover - Spray can - 500 ML


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Meiboom Citrus Cleaner is a powerful cleaning solvent and contains naturally occurring terpene extracted from oranges. Meiboom Citrus Cleaner can be used as an alternative to cleaning solvents such as thinner, acetone, toluene, etc. Meiboom Citrus Cleaner is highly concentrated and has a strong dissolving power to remove grease, oil, stickers and adhesive residue.

Meiboom Citrus Cleaner does not react with metals and most plastics, but may affect some types of plastic and rubber. After approximately 20-30 seconds you can remove adhesive residue with a lint-free cloth. If necessary, repeat the treatment for stubborn adhesive residue.

Always test in advance on a small piece of the material to be applied to ensure a good result without problems of discoloration and/or dissolution.

Not to be used on EPS (styrofoam).

  • Glue remover
  • Citrus based
  • Highly concentrated
  • No rinsing necessary
  • Contents: 500ML

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